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Power Field (Electricity)

Power, as the basis of national economic development and national economy and people's livelihood, is the priority of economic strategies of countries around the world. Our company is actively committed to the development of stainless steel pipes in the power industry, serving the people and repaying the society. As one of the earliest domestic researchers and developers of ultra critical boiler tubes, we have overcome the ultra critical environment of high temperature, high pressure and high steam corrosion by using mature hot extrusion process, advanced large deformation cold processing technology, stable and reliable heat treatment technology, successfully realized localization, and made important contributions to shortening the construction cycle of power plants and promoting further cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the power industry. Now they have been widely used in the industry, we provide domestic and abroad customers with high-performance stainless steel pipes.

Emerging Energy (Photovoltaic)

As an emerging energy source, PV has gradually gained more recognition for commercial promotion with the development of technology in recent years. Poly crystalline silicon is the main component of photovoltaic (solar) cells. Cold hydrogenation is a new technology in the poly silicon industry. Its reaction temperature is about 500-600 ℃, and the pressure is about 20 kg. It requires high materials. As a heat-resistant alloy, 800H has very good high temperature strength and certain corrosion resistance at 500-600 ℃. Effective grain size control can effectively ensure the strength of materials and the pressure bearing practicability of pressure vessel equipment and pipes. Our materials can improve welding performance and corrosion resistance by controlling C, Al and Ti.


Instruments are widely used in industrial production, scientific research, process control and other fields. With the continuous progress of science and technology, higher requirements have been put forward for instruments. Our company continues to research, develop and innovate, our instrument tubes are successfully used in hydraulic systems, steam or pre insulation, heat removal systems and other fields.

Chemical industry

Our company is a qualified supplier of Sinopec, China National Petroleum Corporation, CNOOC, Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Petrobras and other world top 500 companies. Our products are widely used in ethylene cracking furnace, heat exchanger, hydrodesulfurization and other devices.

Marine Field

The common methods of seawater desalination include seawater freezing, electrodialysis, distillation, reverse osmosis, and ammonium carbonate ion exchange.

High End Manufacturing

With the economic development and social progress, China's urbanization is deepening, and the transportation manufacturing industries such as subway and automobile have entered a rapid development stage.

Pharmaceutical sector

Biomedical industry is regarded as a priority industry in the 21st century and a national strategic emerging industry. Especially after the COVID-19 epidemic, it was highly praised by the state and capital. Our company began to lay out pipes for the biomedical industry at an early stage. After years of process exploration, it has developed a mature and complete process route and quality assurance system. At present, it has successfully provided safe and reliable stainless steel and nickel based alloy pipes for many well-known domestic pharmaceutical enterprises.

Food Field

Food grade sanitary stainless steel pipe ensures the weldability and stability of the material through special control of the chemical composition of the raw materials. At the same time, advanced online cold processing and bright heat treatment processes ensure that the physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties of stainless steel pipe meet customer requirements. The polishing treatment of the inner and outer surfaces makes the finish meet the industry requirements. Before packaging, the products will be cleaned accordingly, and the volatile substances and metal residues on the inner and outer surfaces will be strictly controlled. The special packaging also provides the last protection for the products to reach the customers safely.
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