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Titanium And Titanium-Based Alloys Gr.5 Ti-6Al-4V

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Origin of Product:



Sheet: AMS 4911H, MIL-T-9046J, ASTM B265, ASME SB265, DMS1592F, GB/T 3621

Chemical Compositions:

Titanium (Ti): Surplus

Nitrogen (N): ≤ 0.05

Carbon (C): ≤ 0.08

Hydrogen (H): ≤ 0.015

Iron (Fe): ≤ 0.40

Oxygen (O): ≤ 0.20

Aluminium (Al): (5.5-6.75)

Vanadium (V): 3.5-4.5

Physical Properties:

(1) The deformation coefficient is small: this is a significant feature of TC4 titanium alloy cutting, the deformation coefficient is less than or close to 1. The chip in the front tool surface sliding friction of the distance greatly increased, accelerating tool wear.

(2) High cutting temperature: because the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is very small (only equivalent to 45 steel 1/5 ~ 1/7), the chip and the contact length of the front tool surface is very short, the heat generated during cutting is not easy to transfer out, concentrated in the cutting area and a small area near the cutting edge, the cutting temperature is very high. Under the same cutting conditions, the cutting temperature can be more than twice as high as when cutting 45 steel.

(3) The cutting force per unit area is large: the main cutting force is about 20% smaller than when cutting steel, due to the contact length of the chip and the front cutting surface is very short, the cutting force per unit contact area is greatly increased, easy to cause chipping.

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength: σb ≥ 895Mpa

Yield Strength: σb ≥ 828Mpa

Elongation: δ ≥ 10%.

Corrosion Resistance:

Although titanium alloy is very active, low equilibrium potential, in the medium of thermodynamic corrosion tendency, but in fact in many media is very stable, such as in the oxidizing, neutral and weak reduction of the media is resistant to corrosion. This is because titanium and oxygen have a great affinity, in the air or oxygen-containing media, titanium surface to generate a layer of dense, strong adhesion, inert oxide film, protecting the titanium substrate from corrosion. Even due to mechanical wear it will quickly heal itself or regenerate itself again.


Aerospace, oil drilling, chemical equipment, sporting goods, marine vessels, etc.

Matching Welding Consumables:


Supply Style:

Plate, strip, bar, wire, forgings, light bar, welding consumables, flanges, etc., as per the drawing


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